Legal Stuff

Products and Services of Zacaw Enterprises Inc may be provided through a subscription or retainer-based agreement at Zacaw's discretion.

Subscription services or products are billed automatically to the client's credit card. Clients may cancel with 30 days written notice.

When Zacaw Enterprises enters into a signed Agreement and Statement of Consulting Work with a client, the client agrees to provide a retainer of an amount to be agreed upon at the time of the execution of the Agreement.

Within the retainer compensation model and as work is completed against the existing retainer, the client will re-fund the retainer when the retainer is at 10%. If retainer funds are exhausted, work will cease until the retainer is re-funded.

Zacaw Enterprises will provide the client with access to work in process and will maintain regular communication with the client as the project progresses. Zacaw Enterprises will provide the client with a printed report of time used and work completed, when requested.

Retainer funds are provided by a method mutually agreed upon, and may include business check, credit card, wired funds, or cashier check. Subscriptions are paid automatically via credit card.

Surplus retainer funds, if any, are promptly refunded to the client at the completion of the final and approved project. Subscriptions paid are not refundable.

Zacaw Enterprises reserves the right to make alternate arrangements with the client.