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6 Things to Know About Facebook for Business

Thursday, 20 June 2019 Posted in Business Strategy

6 Things to Know About Facebook for Business

You really can’t talk about social media without talking about Facebook. Sure, many people think tweeting is more hip and LinkedIn might seem more professional, but outside of email no platform can beat Facebook for sheer accessibility. There are tons of people who firmly believe that tweeting is best left for the birds, but they won’t go far without their trusty Facebook feed. Before you rush out to make use of this powerful tool, here are 6 things to understand about it:

Pay to play. It’s often been said that the good things in life don’t come free. Whether that’s true or not, the best things on Facebook don’t come without a price tag. Facebook is a pay-to-play environment, meaning the best way to expand your audience is often through ads. Yes, they cost money, but they also work.

Create a business page. One of the first things you probably heard when you went into business was to keep your personal and business accounts separate. The same principle applies with your social media. Don’t try to do business using a personal page. Not only is it against the Facebook rules, but you’ll miss out on a lot of the features that are available to businesses. Check out our Facebook page for JoomFuse.

Create compelling visuals and videos. Social media is a visual media. Your audience has a short attention span, and they’ll respond far better to moving images than a wall of text. Remember that before you can engage your audience you first must get and then hold their attention. Visuals and videos are the best way to do that on any social media, and Facebook is no exception.

Respond quickly. Social media is an interactive format. You wouldn’t ignore someone who asked you a question or raised a concern in person, and the same applies to social media. The rule of thumb in today’s world is to respond within 60 minutes if at all possible. A quick response time keeps the conversation going and prevents your audience from becoming frustrated that they’re being ignored. Facebook Messenger is perfect for this task.

Be personable first and a salesperson second. Sure your audience might have tuned in because they believe you have something interesting and valuable to say, but nobody likes to have a product shoved in their face before they can even blink. Let your audience get to know you as a person before making your pitch. It makes your potential customer more comfortable and also adds authenticity when you do break out your best pitch. Need a refresher about this mindset? - Check out the classic book, The Go-Giver by Bob Burg.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. With its myriad options, Facebook can be a little intimidating. Even if you’re a seasoned pro who’s had a personal profile for years, a business page is a different animal. When in doubt, seek out an experienced friend or employee so you can make a great impression from the very start.

Facebook may have had a rough year, but with over 2 billion users, it’s still the 800 pound gorilla in the social media room. With its powerful toolsets and sheer reach, it’s a gorilla you’ll probably want to get to know. Use these tips to make it a beautiful friendship.

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