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How to Get Started With Facebook Live

Thursday, 08 June 2017 Posted in Marketing Tips, Business Strategy

How to Get Started With Facebook Live

It’s hard to escape social media these days, especially when you have a business to promote. No matter where you go or who you talk to, you’re reminded how important it is. That couple a little ways down from you while you’re lounging on the beach? Yep, they’re online and they’re potential customers. Are you using all the tools at your disposal to reach them?

One of those relatively new tools is Facebook Live. You’ve heard of Facebook, of course, and you already know how important it can be to your social media efforts. You probably also know that just posting isn’t enough.

You want to have live (and lively) content, preferably interactive or video. Facebook Live is your answer. It’s a video streaming service that lets anyone broadcast live videos from their mobile device straight to their Facebook news feed. In other words, it lets you use the power of live video to tell the story of your company and your brand.

Sound good? For the technical tips and the how-to parts, you can check out Facebook’s user guide and this tutorial from Facebook Media.

For now, let’s take a look at what you’ll need to do to make your videos sizzle.

Before you even get started with the actual broadcast, you’ll want to have a headline. Your headline is what will get your broadcast noticed in a sea of similar content. Create a headline that grabs your audience’s attention and lets them know what you’re going to be covering.

Once you’re ready to start, don’t focus on perfect. Perfect is for Hollywood, and you’re not trying to emulate a movie. Your hair, makeup and verbiage don’t need to be filtered through a bunch of production people and script writers. These broadcasts are live and in the moment!

Even though your broadcast doesn’t have to be perfect, you’ll still want to be prepared by having an idea of what you’re going to talk about. If it helps, put a few notes down on a piece of paper to have in front of you. Create a concise, pithy ‘elevator pitch’ about who you are and why you’re broadcasting.

Remember, the main benefit of Facebook Live is your ability to engage. You’re not just making a straight sales pitch. Instead you’re talking with your audience. Take the time to answer questions and respond to feedback, even if it’s not completely positive.

Finally, include a call to action that lets your audience know how to sign up for the products and services you’re offering. Direct them to something specific you want them to do like subscribe to your broadcasts or sign up for your newsletter.

Facebook Live can be a valuable part of your overall marketing strategy, so get out there and start engaging!

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