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6-Part List-Building Series: Using Your Website

Tuesday, 14 May 2019 Posted in Insights

6-Part List-Building Series: Using Your Website

If you want to connect with your customers, an email list is a must. So we’ve created a six-part series on building this invaluable link to your customer base. Here are 5 ways to build your list using your website:

Create a pop-up for each page of your website.

This is probably the most popular way to build an email list through a website. But don’t fret. Pop ups aren’t as bothersome as they sound. Today, they are usually timed so that once a visitor to your website spends a certain number of seconds on your page, he or she will receive a pop-up relevant to their behavior. Follow best practices when creating your pop-ups, such as including a clear call to action, personalizing them to the user, offering an irresistible incentive and using an eye-catching design.

Include a call to action on your about page.

After the home page, the about page is the most visited on a website. Take advantage of the traffic and include a call to action on this page to sign up for your newsletter. Signing up for more information about your business is an easier sell than a purchase and will allow you to continue the dialogue and, hopefully, close a sale in the future.

Include a call to action in your blog posts.

Blog posts are a great way to attract your customer base to your website. When they finish reading, you don’t want them to leave and forget about you. Encourage your readers to continue the conversation with a call to action at the end of the post. If a call to action is written effectively, it will feel as though it is a logical extension of your blog post.

Create customized landing pages.

Companies who increased their number of landing pages from 10 to 15 saw a 55 percent increase in leads, according to research by HubSpot. This isn’t all that surprising when you think about it. Personalized landing pages provide the opportunity for you to appeal to specific demographics. Think of it like a restaurant menu. Some people come to a restaurant for a burger and others order a salad. The more landing pages you create to address individual concerns, the more emails you’ll acquire.

Describe value in your call to action.

Once you’ve figured out how and where you’ll ask for emails, you need to focus on the actual language in the call to action. A strong call to action presents the value you will offer the customer if they sign up. For example, you could say “Download this exclusive offer now.” You must show your potential email list members what they will receive by giving up their email and that it isn’t something readily available elsewhere on your website.

Stay tuned for more tips on building your email list through networking, speaking engagements, direct mail and more!

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