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JoomFuse: Infusionsoft By Keap Integration with Joomla

JoomFuse for Joomla membership integration with InfusionsoftJoomFuse has changed the rules of membership management. . . forever.

Joomla! + Infusionsoft By Keap = JoomFuse! JoomFuse integrates your Joomla! website with your Infusionsoft (Infusionsoft By Keap) to content access and membership status, hands-free for you!

Manage infinite levels of paid (or free) membership using JoomFuse to integrate the automation of Infusionsoft (now Keap) with the power of Joomla. You control who gets access to what content... and when. JoomFuse manages access and action triggers for you, driven by Infusionsoft (By Keap) tags. No more duct-taping third-party software programs to try to get what you need to manage your membership (subscription) programs. Now you can sleep at night knowing it's taken care of for you.

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