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Consulting Day

Your day. Face-to-face. Intensive. Productive. 


Dedicated to You

When we sit down with you to dive into your business, we put on blinders and focus totally on you. You’re it, the top dog.

It's your agenda for the day. We work with you to understand your business issues and challenges, and your goals for the consulting day.

Our goal for the day is to help you create the right solution in the most productive and creative way to solve your business or marketing challenge.  


Pull up a Chair

Spending the day together, talking, sharing documents, talking, using a whiteboard, talking, breaking bread -- this is the most productive and effective way to get it done.  Sharing space is an amazing catalyst for brainstorming and creativity. We'll provide the space and welcome you there.


Leave with a Solid Plan

Talk is just talk, however focused and creative the conversation. 

You need an action plan that you can walk away with. And that's what you'll get.

You'll leave with a solid, creative, written plan that you can delegate or implement yourself.


The step-by-step plan will address each aspect of the business or marketing challenge that we discuss together on your consulting day.

You'll be very clear on what to do first, who should own each step, what tools we might recommend to speed up your process, and how to measure your results.

After all, ROI is everything, baby.

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