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Dom is a straight shooter

Dom's a straight shooter and get's the job done. He's been rather attentive to our business needs (for hosting, infusionsoft, and more), and I regularly recommend him. Good help is not always easy to find - and Dom's been great help for us. Thank you Dom.

Dan Faggella

Valuable Infusionsoft User Group

I just wanted to say a formal thank you to you two. You've both really done a wonderful job of putting together timely and helpful topics about both Infusionsoft usage as well as marketing strategies and general small business needs.    

I have enjoyed every minute of each presentation. And truly it goes by SO fast. I always feel like.."Oh my gosh, is it 11:30 already?!"  

It's nice to network and share with the other folks that attend the meetings and it's a wonderfully varied group as far as types of businesses and levels of Infusionsoft user knowledge is concerned. I've learned so much from both of you as well as so many of the others in the group.

Running a bricks and mortar location keeps me extremely busy (as you can imagine)...but I really make sure that I carve out the morning once per month to travel to Westborough because you both always make it well worth the time and drive. 

Thanks for providing such a helpful user group and for all that you do!

Kerry McElroy
Barbelle (Real Fitness For Women)

Dom and his team at Zacaw...

Dom and his team at Zacaw were recommended to me for my Infusionsoft needs after my previous developer was unable to keep up with workflow. As promised, he has been excellent at working with me to understand what I'm trying to do and lay out the technical plan in clear terms, as well as give me ideas for how to improve it when necessary. I would highly recommend Dom in turn if you're looking for a company that is responsive, knowledgeable, and committed to understanding the needs of your business.

Stephen Whittier
Nexus Martial Arts
Wareham MA

I'm really pleased with it...

I'm really pleased with it so far, primarily because the pages seem to load pretty fast and your support has been excellent. [referring to our secure managed hosting solution]

Matt Freife
HC Info
San Diego CA

we've built a very powerful system...

After about 4 years, the needs of our business model had somewhat outgrown the standard Infusionsoft account capabilities, and we now needed some serious API development to go to the next level. Zacaw has become our primary partner in this effort, and we are very pleased with the results and the outlook for ongoing development. Working with Dom Cassone has been much more than a technical consultation. He has a long history in Marketing and Business, and his experience really shows. Rather than just proposing and implementing the work, he spent a lot of time really learning our business, and thinking of ways to improve the entire experience for we and our other users. With Zacaw's work, we've now built a very powerful scalable system, and we will continue to grow and develop with Dom and his team.

Gary Michael
Law Case Logic, LLC
Highland NY
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