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I'm so pleased...

I'm so pleased with the professionalism and top quality service I received from Dom and Kerry! Kerry helped me with a large copy writing project for multiple campaigns. The emails and communications that Kerry wrote, tweaked, and enhanced exceeded my expectations! I can't wait for our next project!!

Janette Gleason
Gleason Consulting
Surprise AZ

Insightful Infusionsoft User Group

Kerry & Dom,
As always, thank you for an insightful IS User Group meeting Tuesday.  I always walk away with a few new ideas and things to get me thinking (or editing)!
Also, thank you so much for the App Empire book…I’ve already cracked it open and am finding it interesting, educational and fun!  It has actually really inspired me…stay tuned wink
P.S. The snacks were very yum – thanks!

Melissa Kupiec
Atlantic License Brokers

This makes them my 'go-to guys'.

After using InfusionSoft for many years, I have pretty much mastered it. As a world-renowned Information Marketing and Business Coach, I use InfusionSoft in all aspects of my business. I use the services of Zacaw Enterprises and especially Dom Cassone because he has an even deeper understanding of the capabilities of InfusionSoft and how to get it to do what I need it to do. Not only does he understand the technology, but he also thoroughly understands the marketing strategies being applied.
This makes them my 'go-to guys'.

David Hilton, M.Ed., MBA
Strategic Vision
Holden Massachusetts

Great benefit from Infusionsoft User Group

Brian Jones
Ken Jones Tires
Worcester, Massachusetts

The results have been awesome!

SoCal BNI has been using MAR [Marketing Automated Results for BNI Regions] since January of 2011 and the results have been awesome!  It has been the “system” we needed to professionally handle not only the requests from prospects to know more about BNI and visit a chapter, but also to provide visitor follow up for all our chapters.


We have over 100 requests on a monthly basis.  The MAR system provides the contact information so a phone call can be placed within 48 hrs to the prospect.  In the month of July there were 114 such requests.  Nearly 60 of those resulted in scheduled visits to existing chapters and 15 to start up chapters.  10 prospects were added to a waiting list for their specialty, however 3 of those prospects wanted more information about starting a chapter – 2 have already started the process: a director has been assigned and an Information Meeting set for each!


Proper and consistent visitor follow up is a challenge for any BNI chapter.  MAR provides a “system” for the chapter visitor host to quickly and easily enter visitor information after each meeting so that the proper email campaign is automatically generated over the next 6 days, ending with the email to remind them that they are welcome to return for a 2nd visit.  Our chapters love having access to such a great follow up system!

Jenni Nering
Southern California
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