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There are many good reasons for having more than one Infusionsoft application in your business. We’ll talk about some of them.

I can hear you now, “I can barely maintain my one app!” I get it! We are always dealing with several apps at a time…


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It’s a big birthday month around here. Three important women in our lives have landmark birthdays this month. Added together, they are 140 years old. That’s pretty amazing, in itself.

The first Happy Birthday goes to the lady with the most staying power - Mom - who turned a gracious 90 last week. Our ever-inspiring daughter is the most centered, youthful 45-year-old we know. Our little granddaughter turns a big-girl-five this month and she’ll happily tell you all about it.

Happy birthday to all three ladies!

It’s something to think about, what each one has lived through and learned in the course of their years.

Mom was born in 1927 in Canada, after World War I (yes, one) and before the Great Depression. She grew up as cars and televisions and telephones gradually became commonplace, when good work ethic was pervasive, when everyone thought there would no more wars, when kids behaved in school because they knew their parents expected it. She emigrated, married, lost husbands and a child, worked hard, and continues to live a rich life at 90 in spite of, and perhaps because of, all she lived through.

Our daughter grew up in the era of disco dancing and big hair, working hard for her first car and the privilege of college. She traveled, married, birthed her daughter, became a grandmother, and continues to work hard, in spite of too many surgeries and bumps in the road, to sustain her values, her peace of soul, and her commitments in life. Perhaps one of her greatest gifts is passing along all she’s learned to the new ever-evolving generation of 13-year-olds who pass through her classroom along their way to adulthood.

The littlest granddaughter was born in Germany in 2012 and spoke her first words in German while communicating with sign language even before her first word. She’s been on the fast track of growing and maturing since then, absorbing the nuances of life and processing how she chooses to respond to all she’s learning. Sit for 15 minutes with her and she will openly and generously share her thoughts with you.

What’s the point, you might ask.

Each of us is the sum of our parts. When we were born, our families, our environment, our trials, our joys, our challenges - and, most importantly, how we respond to all of it.

We have choices, nearly from birth, about how we think, how we act, how we communicate, how or if we go forward.

If Mom had no more children after she lost her first child, her life would have been very different and we would not be having this conversation today. The fact that she picked herself up and went on with her life was undoubtedly the hardest thing she had ever done to that point. She went on to have more children, work hard with her husband to grow their business, lose him and her second husband, but still she remains unstoppable.

Our daughter toughed through some serious surgeries and will deal with related issues her whole life. Other losses in her life have been, at times, nearly crippling. Does it stop her? Not for a nanosecond. She, too, is inspiring and unstoppable.

Our littlest granddaughter has an enthusiasm for life that keeps her going, no matter what challenge she faces. Moving between countries and cultures, changing schools, making new friends, becoming a big sister, learning the skills of early life - she too is, in her own 5-year-old way, unstoppable.

Are you unstoppable?


Hello adoring fans, I’m back… I know that some of you are shaking, but you can stop trembling now… I am your cure for ZW… Zack Withdrawal… a very serious disorder that can only be cured by more exposure to me. Anyway, calm down, I am about to dump my amazing macaw wisdom onto your head… pay attention!

Today we are talking about creative automation... that is, thinking creatively about automating everything you can.

If you do it more than once, figure out a way to automate it. Every day, I get seeds, peanuts and Brazil nuts, but do I ever have to go get them? Dom comes in, takes my empty bowl, and returns with a full bowl. So as far as I’m concerned, my food supply is automated. By the way, so is my water and fresh food… Dom is a good automation robot, isn’t he… tee hee, don’t tell him I said that or the automation robot might break down.

Anyway, here are some examples that you may be familiar with. Do you ever have to answer the same question more than once? You can automate that. In fact, Dom tells me that there is a campaign you can download into your Infusionsoft app that will automate answering those repetitive questions. Even if you don’t have Infusionsoft, you can create a library of canned responses that you can use when that question comes up. Plus you can add the answer to your FAQ page on your website and maybe it won't get asked as often.

How about repetitive orders? I certainly hope that you are not entering those orders by hand, not even a canary is that much of a loser. Dom and Kerry sell several different monthly or yearly charged products. They put them into a subscription in Infusionsoft and it takes charge of charging (hey, that’s pretty cool ‘charge of charging’) the client every month. And they only have to get involved when something goes wrong.

We can take this one step further… let the clients manage their own accounts. Man, do I love passing the buck! With Dom’s JoomFuse w/JF Portal, JF Portal is designed to allow the end user to manage their own subscriptions, pay their past due invoices, and update their credit cards, all from their membership log on.

What is the best support call to get? Answer: The one that was not needed and the user could do it themselves. Pretty cool ain’t it?

Ok, here is another one that just popped into my fertile little birdie mind… let’s say that you have Infusionsoft (or whatever you use) doing all your charging for you. How are you getting it from there into your accounting program (like QuickBooks or Xero)? Well, again, if you have Infusionsoft (that is all I hear Dom and Kerry talking about… Infusionsoft this and Infusionsoft that... sometimes it’s enough to get a bird to take up drinking, and I’m not talking about the water in my water dish). Anyway, where was I… Oh yeah, there is a neat interface between Infusionsoft and either Xero or Quickbooks online. Infusionsoft charges it, the client pays it and it is added into your accounting all without lifting a claw or finger.

While we’re on accounting, if you have employees or contractors, you do use a payroll service right? Who is soft in the head enough to do all those calculations themselves, remember to file all the paperwork at the exact right time, pay all the different taxes at just the right time. Think a way-overripe melon! Ok melonhead, automate it.

There are hundreds of examples but I’m getting hungry for another peanut and don’t want to write anymore. But just start thinking about it and you’ll see them for yourself.

Let me leave you with these parting words of wisdom (all my words are wise anyways). Spend a few bucks, and invest some time, then sit back like me and enjoy never having to do that again! Now you can do something else productive or not… In my case, ‘not’. I’d use the time to play with my toys, or scream just because I can, or eat, or nap.

Hangin’ out on my perch till next time,



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There's no shortage of remarkable ideas, what's missing is the will to execute them.


- Seth Godin



I’m reading a really excellent book that starts with a quote from J.P. Morgan.

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”

Sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it?

The book is called “Living Forward - A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want.” Seth Godin calls it “A step-by-step approach to one of life’s greatest challenges.”

This isn’t about resolutions.

It’s about living with purpose.

It’s about charting your course and following it.

It’s about being congruent.

It’s about pursuing your goals with focus and deliberation.

It’s about your new reality.

Go for it!

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