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On the holiday coattails

Want a quick idea to swipe for your February marketing? Check out the article in this issue entitled, “Skip the Chocolate?” for a couple of killer ideas on using Valentine’s Day in your marketing.

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Skip the chocolate?

I recently saw two clever marketing messages that tied disparate businesses to Valentine’s Day. One said “Skip the chocolate and go straight for the sugar,” advertising bespoke underwear for men and women. The other one is promoting their adorable trained puppies as Valentine’s Day gifts saying, “Warning: Sweeter than a box o' chocolates!”

That got me reminiscing about past popular Valentine stand-by’s.

Remember those little chalky heart candies with sayings on them? They were more popular than chocolate in their heyday! (Now even Hershey’s is making ‘conversation kisses’!)

And way back when, around 1900 or so, the flowery, lacy, sentimental Valentine greeting card was all the rage. People actually collected them.

What are you doing for your Valentine this year? It’s pretty big business - roses, chocolates, Shari’s Berries, lacy ‘unmentionables’, and the piece de resistance, the diamond.

Let’s see — diamonds have been done, roses die too quickly, lace is scratchy, Shari’s Berries are unpredictable, so I guess that leaves chocolate.

Ok, I’ll take chocolate :)

Happy Valentine’s Day!


HELLO Adoring fans! It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I’m feeling the waves of love washing over me by my countless number of adoring fans. Keep the love coming, I know that you can’t resist my aura that spreads out across the universe.

Even though my life is just about as awesome as it could be and I know that most all of you envy my lifestyle, there is one thing that I can’t have. It's almost Valentine's Day and I would love to try chocolate covered brazil nuts, but I can’t! Chocolate is bad for birds… bummer!

So, what is the point here… stay with me now... the point is that while there are a few things that we can’t have or do, many many more of the things that you say you can’t have or do are simply excuses.

By the time you read this, the Super Bowl will be over, and while I have complete faith in the Patriots, and my man Tom Brady (ok, I’ll admit it, I am one of his adoring fans, but I still have way more!). While I naturally predict that TB12 will take the day, regardless he recently talked about excuses in a radio interview. "There's always an excuse you can build into why you lose a game.  'We're only playing on six days rest, we have this person hurt, or we didn't get that call.' There are a million of them, and they're all built in and you can pick them all off before the game. I think our coach does a great job of never buying into the B.S. He never makes it about one player. He never makes it about one play. He never makes it about one call, or one situation. It's all about all of us collectively trying to do the best thing we can for the team to try and help us win.”

That about sums it up… Results, not excuses.

So, now what are you going to do about it! Make another excuse or take action? Come on, adoring fans, I have faith in you.

While I can’t eat chocolate covered Brazil nuts, I can eat plain Brazil nuts in the shell. So that is what I would like for Valentine's Day, more Brazil nuts… and also for you to make at least one less excuse… Hey I have an idea… let’s start an Excuse Fund… for every excuse you make you have to send me a Brazil nut.

My immense ego does not allow me to say this often, but I love all of you and wish you the best. I am going to be here to help you achieve it. OK, enough of that mushy stuff… Dom, please don’t publish this part.

Hangin’ out on my perch until next time,


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