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Apples vs. oranges?

apple oranges

With the lack of any other frame of reference, your prospects will default to a price comparison. An apples to apples comparison. Once they say something like, “The XYZ company will do the same thing for $Y dollars less,” you have virtually lost the sale…


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Who cooks at your house?

hamster wheel

As soon as I was old enough to follow a recipe and use the oven, my mother who worked full time her whole adult life had me doing my share of the cooking. At 11, I could roast a chicken, cook barbecued hot dogs and, of course, Mom’s fallback favorite ‘hamburg gravy’. My younger brother was a master at variations on peanut butter and jelly (with or without potato chips or fluff, but always grape jelly and smooth peanut butter), and chocolate chip cookies. Dad… not so much.

As an adult, I was lucky or smart enough to marry a man who could cook. Our kids learned to cook, at age-appropriate levels, from toddler-hood. But, still, the bulk of the cooking that gets done is mine. Why is that? I guess some of it’s the traditional role of the woman (which you may or may not support), but the rest of it is that I just plain enjoy it.

Well, most of the time. There are times when I’m happy to go-out or take-out or be a guest in my own home. I’m no martyr about cooking!

Cooking, to me, is another one of those household chores like laundry or vacuuming, each one like being on a hamster wheel. Once you get on, you can never get off or something doesn’t get done. You know what I mean? So you’d better either like it, put up with it or get someone else to do it.

I’m so fortunate that my husband is a master bread baker so the bread we eat is always healthy and delicious. And I never have to think about it. He’s one of those handy guys to have around the kitchen because he can actually cook although he’d rather grill, I think. We definitely share the cooking, and pretty much balance out the rest of the ‘hamster wheel’ chores too.

How do you balance the chores like cooking in your house? Do you do it or share it? Any tips to share here that we can all benefit from?

Changing the rules


Before now, mobile marketing was severely limited. You could only send a single text in response to a single incoming text message. Now you can merge any field from a contact record into outbound and conversation text messages sent by Fix Your Funnel. That includes your custom fields! This means you can customize steps of conversations with data collected in earlier steps!




Every problem is a gift — without problems we would not grow.

― Anthony Robbins, motivational speaker and writer

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