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Happy New Year! I know I’m 4 months early but I just had to share this killer personal practice with you so you can use Q4 to get a powerful jumpstart on 2018.

If you’re not already one of the elite business leaders in the world, you can borrow their best personal practice…

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Put your best people on your biggest opportunities

-- Jim Collins

5 work ethic opinions

happy labor day lookingforward

Work ethic, and how it’s defined, is a hot topic these days. As a business owner or employee, what’s your expectation of yourself, and your colleagues or employees? What do you think your clients expect?

Is there a generational bias about work ethic? There’s sure a lot of talk about millennials and boomers around the topics of work ethic, work style, communication, etc.

In honor Labor Day, here are 5 excellent, thought-provoking articles with different slants on work ethic:

  1. 7 Elements of a Strong Work Ethic
  2. Is the Notion of a 'Good Work Ethic' Generationally Biased?
  3. 5 Ways to Lead By Example At Work
  4. The SEAL Teams Don't Accept These 10 Phrases, and Neither Should You
  5. 5 Bad Working Habits I Kicked For a Better Work Ethic

What’s your work ethic hot button?


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