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 When our son calls, his daughter almost always wants to get on the phone, saying “Daddy, I want to see Grandmom and Granddad!” (make the call a FaceTime call) and once we are visible, odds are she will say “Can you read me a story?” She usually asks Kerry…


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We write a lot of code in our business but this really intrigued us. Code is the language of technology and powers much of our lives. Whether you are a seasoned developer, a newbie looking for your next skill or thrill, or the parent or teacher of school-age children, I guarantee you’ll find this intriguing, as well.

Apple has created an easy-to-learn coding language aptly named Swift. Right, so that’s no thrill by itself. It’s the rest of what they’ve done that’s impressive.

They have created an iPad app that makes it super simple to learn how to code using Swift. Swift is the language that many mobile apps are written in. Just think of the possibilities! That well-worn phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ isn’t always true and you might have the next brightest app idea.

The iPad app and lessons are free and Lesson 1 starts at the very beginning. Swift uses regular language and the app lessons include a lot of built-in support and suggestions to make learning easier and faster.

The best thing is that you can see exactly what you are creating with your code — right on your iPad screen while you code. It’s immediate feedback and gratification. What a fabulous way to learn to code!

For educators, homeschoolers, and parents, there are curriculums, forums, books, courses, and apps to help you teach this to children and adults. A few of the apps and books have a typically minimal cost, but everything else is free to download from the Apple App Store.

Watch the intro video, demo video, and check out all these Everyone Can Code resources - maybe you’ll get inspired!



Hello adoring fans… You missed me so much that Dom even got an angry compliant from an Insights subscriber that my wondrous missives were not in one issue. She told Dom that my compelling articles were the best part of Insights. I couldn’t agree more… like there is any question!

Anyway, while I could go on about me, my favorite subject, for the whole article, I know that the person who missed me and the rest of you are hanging on my every word to get your dose of my exceptional intellect… so here goes.

Do you tweet? I do and I don’t. I certainly do not “tweet” when I want to make my point in the house… that kind of tweeting is for sparrows and canaries; you know - lower forms of birdlife. When I want to be heard, I talk, or squawk, or if I really want to be heard, I let out a scream so loud that the house shakes! HEE-HEE I love those, but Dom does not and sometimes I give in to him.

But I do want to talk to you about another type of tweeting… the kind you do on the social media platform Twitter. You see, I know that you know this, but I want to be thorough for you newbies, but posts on the Twitter platform are called tweets… and I do highly recommend that you do those types of tweets. Hey, even our President tweets! I am a citizen of the USA, but for some reason, they won’t let me vote - how unfair.

What is so special about Twitter and tweets, you might ask? Well, you have come to the right place for the answer… ME! At first glance, Twitter might seem limiting, because it is limited to 140 characters per tweet. But in reality that is the beauty of it. No long winded diatribes on Twitter… say what you have to say briefly or don’t say it at all.

What you can do is add an image and a link for further information. The image grabs the attention and the link allows those who follow you to get more in-depth answers. All this combines to some really cool and unique properties… first, you can scan things fast and go to the links to only get the details you want. Sometimes, Facebook can be so tedious because of the long posts about nothing and believe me I know about what ‘nothing’ consists of… never mind.

Anyway, if you haven’t already, go to and sign up, follow some people and get some followers. You’ll be glad you did, don’t doubt me on this. Just be sure you’re tweeting valuable stuff, not just tweeting to hear yourself tweet.

Dom was skeptical about Twitter for a long time… yes, yes, he did not listen to me at first, go figure. But once I convinced him, he embraced it and now tweets regularly (and not the wimpy canary kind).

I could go on and on (as you know) with spouting my endless wisdom, but if I do, your brain might explode, so I’ll stop here for now.

Hangin’ out on my perch until next time.

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Mistakes are the growing pains of wisdom.

~ William George Jordan, writer/editor

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