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 When you get a new lead how many times do you touch them before you give up? By touch I mean contact, not physical touching obviously… but if you can actually meet them and shake their hand all the better, although that is frequently not an option.


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Crazy holidays? Your choice

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What happens when you get overwhelmed? Do you procrastinate? Get crazy? Get down and negative?

With the holiday season breathing down our necks, the potential for overwhelm is enormous. There are ways to cope with your long list of to-do’s in a positive and productive way. Truly.

I’m going to share a few things I learned from a very smart and funny woman, Samantha (Sam) Bennett, who I’ve known for a long time.

  • When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s time for self-care. Yes, you deserve it so do it. Tony Robbins says, ‘Hydrate!” Samantha Bennett recommends you check in with yourself on these 4 things and then deal with them: Are you hungry? Are you angry? Are you lonely? Are you tired or thirsty?
  • Check your breathing. Shallow breathing isn’t helping you stay calm and focused. Instead try Samantha’s 4 - 7 - 8 breathing. Breathe in to the count of 4. Hold your breath for the count of 7. Breathe out for the count of 8. Try that a couple of times and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you feel calmer.
  • Look at your list of to-do’s. Look at each item, one at a time and consider these 3 things: how much time will it take, how much money will it cost, how much do you want to do it on a 0-10 scale. Be honest and then be ruthless about eliminating the things that don’t measure up.

Samantha Bennett is the creator of The Start Right Where You Are Workshop and author of several books. She’s brilliant and an engaging speaker. If you want more of Samantha and ways to cure your overwhelm before the holidays descend, check out the workshop.



BOO, adoring fans! Did I scare you? I hope so… I love to scare Dom. Every once in a while when things are really quiet, I just can’t help myself and I let out a blood curdling scream… Everyone jumps… it is so much fun.

Well, enough about my escapades, which I’m sure you, my adoring fans, would listen to endlessly. I have other macaw wisdom to pass on to you today.

We’ll get to my awesome costume in a minute, but did you know that last year almost $8 billion (that’s billion with a B) was spent on Halloween? That’s a lot of Brazil nuts, no matter how you count it. Wouldn’t you like a piece of that? Think that Halloween is just a kids’ holiday? Well you’d be wrong! Of that $7,900,000,000, $1.55 billion ($1,550,000,000) was spent on ADULT costumes! And that is JUST for adult costumes not the rest of the adult stuff like party decorations, yard decorations, party food and drink, etc., etc. Oh, in case you forgot, that is JUST in the United States! The UK was far behind in spending per person but is catching up every year. Last year, the Brits spent almost $43/person on Halloween.

So, what’s the point, you might ask. I don’t sell witches costumes (the most popular adult costume). That is why you need my macaw brain on your team, because you are not seeing the bigger picture.

Figure out a way to get a piece of that $8 billion! Run a “Clear out the ghosts sale”, run a “Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid” (not to take advantage of this marketing) campaign, send Halloween cards to your clients, create a special super scary version of your product. You get the idea, I can’t do all your work for you (unless you pay me something close to $8 billion). The Zack has more important things to do. Your job is to be an adoring fan and mine is to be adored, not to do your work.

Ok, got to go, I have a very important nap to take… What, huh? Oh I never told you about my costume, I know, I was hoping you’d forget. Since you didn't I will tell you that it is a brilliant idea (well all of mine are anyway, but this one is especially brilliant). I’m going as… wait for it… wait for it… as a Scarlet Macaw! Brilliant, don’t you think? Who is going to recognize me when a Scarlet Macaw knocks on the door and say “Trick or Treat”. They’ll be too busy trying to figure out how they got the kid into the perfect likeness of a Scarlet Macaw… Brilliant, simply brilliant.

I’m telling you, my brilliance is so bright it could blind you unless you are wearing dark glasses.

Hangin’ out on my perch until next time.

Adoring fans, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and hard work.


-- Thomas Edison


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