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Does your audience really know you?


 2017 is but a memory. As business owners and entrepreneurs, we are all in for 2018!

Understanding business trends and, better still, knowing which ones will have the most important impact on your business is critical. Sometimes it’s luck, sometimes it’s brilliance.

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Yep, I’m back for some of my great prophetic insights for 2018! Do you know how I started 2018? With a good loud welcoming scream… one of my best if I do say so myself… heh heh!

Anyway, while I know that you hang on my every word, and I love that about my adoring fans, my New Year’s resolution is to pass on even more of my extensive and excessive wisdom and knowledge. All the while continuing to remind you of how great I really am and how anyone who is anyone wants to be an adoring fan and hang with The Great Zack. But I digress… (is it really a digression if I’m talking about me… hmmmmm?).

You know, anytime is a good time to reflect on where you’ve been and where you are going, and decide if any midcourse corrections are necessary (not that I ever need that because I am always moving in the perfect direction, but you mere mortals do need some self-reflection). However, the start of a new calendar year somehow seems like a good time to reflect.

Spend some time going over what worked and what didn’t in your business.

Of what didn’t work, look critically at whether it can be modified to work better, or should be jettisoned. Be honest now and try to keep the emotion out of it! Hey, as entrepreneurs and business owners, we are always looking for new ideas to give us the edge and help out more people… sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t (unless, of course you’re me). How many times did Thomas Edison fail to make an electric lightbulb that worked… you have to keep trying new things.

Of what did work, is there any way to tweak them to make them work better; can you raise the price, can you attract more people to it, what additional value can you add. Make it bigger, better, faster!

Lastly, look at the things that you just don’t want to do anymore even if they are working. All businesses evolve and what was a good thing over the last few years may not be where you want to take the business… figure out a way to stop doing those things without leaving your clients high and dry.

Let me close by wishing all my adoring fans a wonderful 2018, and that I graciously (or at least as gracious as I get) accept gifts of delicious Brazil nuts anytime, anyway and any year!

Just hangin’ out on my perch 'till next time.

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Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it. 

  ~  Andy Rooney



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