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infusionsoft got you down?

With the U.S. tax code changing and the small business climate in flux, you are probably looking for ways to conserve your working capital and increase your revenue. You’re not alone.

Some of our clients prefer to do their own Infusionsoft implementation instead of paying a consultant to do it all for them. If that’s you, you’re in luck!

We created our mentoring program a couple of years ago to help business owners like you. We’ll work with you and teach you how to make your Infusionsoft app work for you so you get the most bang for your buck, both in time and money.

In our mentoring program, you get a 1:1 call each week on a 4-week subscription cycle, and access to us through our private client email.

Each personal call lasts approximately an hour and focuses completely on your learning needs and marketing priorities.

We’ll walk you through how to do what you want to do, step by step, using screensharing to demo, teach, and answer your questions.

This is NOT a canned training program. Each call is totally about you and your priorities.

You get the benefit of our 20+ years of marketing and business experience, and 10+ years of Infusionsoft certified consultant expertise, so pick our brain!

  • This is for you if you are tired of spending money every month to Infusionsoft and not getting the ROI you should be.
  • This is for you if you want to learn more about how to use Infusionsoft and create your own awesome campaigns for marketing or workflow.
  • This is for you if you can’t afford to pay a consultant for done-for-you implementation but do want to get benefit from your Infusionsoft app.

Right now we have 2 openings in our schedule and we expect they will fill up fast. We don’t take on many mentoring clients at a time so we can give you our full attention in our weekly 1:1 screenshare calls with you. First come, first served, so don’t delay.

Learn how to make Infusionsoft sing!

Sign up for Infusionsoft Mentoring today

To your success,

Dom Cassone



Hello, hello my adoring fans! Yes, I’m back with another installment of my tremendous insight. I know you are all quivering to read my prophetic words. Well, just take a deep breath and calm  down and hear what The Great Zack has to impart to you!

To be fair, Dom asked me to write about this topic and I agreed (I have to placate him once in a while so he actually thinks I listen to him, hee hee ). He wanted me to give my own unique Zack spin on the topic of Automating Your FAQs.

I know that my audience knows what FAQs are, but those who are not part of my fandom, an FAQ is a Frequently Asked Question. I assume that you have a set of those on your website and/or in other marketing material. If you have more than one client or prospect ask you the same question, then the answer to that question needs to be in your FAQs.

But, here is the problem: some people are either too lazy or stupid to actually look at your FAQs so they ask anyway. I would tell them to just look at the FAQ page, you dope, because the answer is there if you’d just take a look. I can get away with that, but I do not recommend that approach for you.

You need to either politely suggest that they can find the answer on your FAQ page, or give them the answer directly. The first approach works, but is less than satisfying to the person asking, because you are not really answering their question, but sending them to do more research.

Answering their question is always the best; it makes them feel valued. But really, how many times do you have to type out the same thing in yet another email. I’d probably get snarky with them… I like snarky! But that is probably not the right way to gain favor with them.

So what to do, what to do? Well, you wouldn’t think that I, The Great Zack, would leave you hanging, would you? The answer is to automate your FAQ responses.

“How do I do that?” you might be saying… just keep reading before I get snarky with you, and you’ll get the answer.

Dom and I use Infusionsoft as our marketing automation platform. We created a campaign (well, Dom creates the campaigns at my direction as I can’t type too well on a keyboard made for humans). Anyway, if a contact asks a FAQ that we have in the campaign, we simply trigger an email to that contact with the answer. Bing, bang, boom… done and done! They don’t call me Super Zack for nothin’.

Here is what the campaign looks like:

Image for Automating your FAQs

Even if you don’t know Infusionsoft, you can see that if I get an email from a contact about “VPN Password Change”, I trigger that path and the FAQ answer goes out automatically… no typing on my part and no snarky comments. Just plain-old stellar customer service. I mean come on, what else would you expect from me?!

BTW - Dom and I (of course, it is my opinion that actually counts) think that Infusionsoft is the bee’s knees. If you are looking for a marketing automation platform, let me know and I’ll instruct Dom to contact you… or better yet click this link

Hangin’ out on my perch until next time.

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