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The workload really isn’t that big. It just seems that way at the moment. Your clients really aren’t that demanding. It just feels that way right now. The stack of projects at your desk isn’t that huge. It just seems like Mount Everest this morning...

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Welcome adoring fans to another installment of me espousing my great intellect to you. That is why you adore me so very much. I truly love that you adore me (as you should, of course).

You know, I’m a very funny macaw and today I want to talk about using humor and being outrageous in your marketing.

Since I am so funny and since I am a marketing expert, you need to listen to me….but I know that you adoring fans hang on my every word.

Ok, let me ask you….what is the purpose of marketing? Why do we business owners spend a ton of time and money on marketing? Anyone?….do any of you know? No. It’s not because we like writing blog posts, or sending out newsletters, or flyers, or ads, or nurture emails, or any of the other marketing we do. We may like some or all of the above, but that is NOT why we do it.

Come on, is my faith in my adoring fans misplaced, are you really all dolts? Oh wait….I got an answer…..correct! We all do that marketing to generate more sales and with that deliver more value to more customers (clients, patients, etc.).

So here is a piece of Zack wisdom that you need to pound into your brain….If your marketing is uninteresting, boring and lackluster, your sales will be lackluster. Trust me on this, it is as true as that I love peanuts!

Who are your prospects and clients…..think hard here. They are people (unless you are marketing to birds, but I never saw a bird with a credit card! HMMM….maybe I should ask Dom for one. I am old enough.). And what do people like? They like to be entertained and made to laugh! So, just because you are selling a boring necessity is no reason to do boring marketing. It is a differentiator. It makes people pay more attention to you. Hey look at all the funny Super Bowl commercials. Many people think the commercials are the best part. Not me of course, being forced to watch Patriots games for many years, I have turned into a football and Patriots fan. You should see my TB12 jersey (just kidding, they don’t make them small enough).

And while you’re at it, besides being funny, be outrageous! Make an outrageous offer, use an outrageous picture, write something outrageous, include an outrageous video. Give them something to remember you by. A couple of years ago, Apple did a commercial for the iPhone and Siri using Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster. Funny AND outrageous. Then they followed it up with “the making of the Cookie Monster Commercial” commercial….really great stuff.

Dom’s friend and mentor Bill Glazer has written two books on Outrageous Marketing. His latest is “Outrageous Multi-Step Marketing Campaigns That Are Outrageously Successful” Dom and I highly recommend it! Go and get it here. Not only is the book great but all the profits go to a Veterans Affairs program that helps people from all walks of life who have had a stroke get the care and support they need.

Trust me when I tell you to get funny and outrageous in your marketing…and when has The Great Zack lied to his adoring fans? Huh?

Hangin’ out on my perch until next time.

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To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.

    ~ Thomas Watson, Sr., former CEO, IBM

Changing the rules

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