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Insights - 2016 April 19


If you are (or were) a fan of The Sound of Music, you might remember the lyrics: “Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.”

The same applies in your business.

Too many business owners make the mistake of developing their product or marketing strategy before doing the first critical step…

Define your ideal client, patient, or customer. You really need to understand, on a gut level, who this person really is or you will be watching your cash circle the drain.

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It’s spring and, with the nicer weather, getting in shape for summer is high on just about everyone’s list. But doing the same old things for exercise and ‘diet’  - bo-o-o-r-r-ring! Here are a few hot trends for 2016 that might spark you for spring.

  • Vibrant colors along with different textures and shapes are going to be seen at more restaurants. If you like to keep up with current trends you can experiment with ‘spiralizing’ veggies. Here are some recipes to try.
  • This infographic reports the upcoming trends in fitness. Group personal training may be a good fit for you—it's a chance to hang out with your friends who might help you keep accountable for your goals.
  • If you're really looking for a fun fad, ‘crunning,’ a crawling-walking workout popular in Australia right now, may interest you. (This activity really looks like it should be approved by your physician first!)

While it's not important to keep up with the latest trends (or the Joneses!), any fitness activity is good for us. Maybe some of these healthy-eating and exercise ideas will inspire you to try something different.  I don’t know about the ‘crunning’ - I think I’ll stick with walking this spring, but the spiralizing’ sounds good. And who knows? A little creativity might be just the thing to help us all reach our goals.



Hello adoring fans (past, present and future)! Many of you know me and have missed me greatly…I understand, like, who wouldn’t. For those who don’t yet know me, you’ll become an  adoring fan as the Borg from Star Trek The Next Generation say….resistance is futile. (OK, so maybe I watch too much TV).

Anyway enough about me; well, there is never enough about me, but….

You want to know why Insights took such a long hiatus? ME, that’t why! I told Dom & Kerry that I would not write anymore unless they gave me more Brazil nuts; never mind how many more, it was, well, reasonable (at least to me it was). They refused, so I went on strike, and Insights folded like a cheap suit.

However, I know that my fans missed me, so I relented, saving face of course, and Insights is back and better than ever. Just like me, better than ever!

So, what can we learn from this? Celebrity is important….but be careful on relying on another as the celebrity your brand identifies with because they can leave, fall from grace, or hold out for more Brazil nuts. It is best to make yourself the celebrity in your business, that way, you are not dependent on self-important macaws (not me, of course, as I am truly important).

Hanging out on my perch until next time,


PS - Need a celebrity spokes-macaw?…Look no further as I am available (for the right price, of course). And as long as the price is right, I’ll be forever loyal…just ask Dom & Kerry. They don’t come any better than me, trust me, I’m not like the others :)




"o" - The hole you see through is the hole you receive through; "0" - the hole you invest through is the same hole you receive through; "O" - the hole you give through is the same hole you receive through. ~ Dan Kennedy






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