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Insights - 2016 May 3


In case you haven’t seen them, Cookie has done two iPhone commercials highlighting Apple’s “Hey Siri” functionality. I think they are very funny and very well done, but I love Cookie Monster (and cookies).

What makes these ads so cool…

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More about me…OOPS I mean ‘celebrities’. (Same difference, IMO!)

Hello adoring fans! I’m back and I know that you have been checking your inbox a dozen times a day hoping against hope that more of my prodigious wisdom would be waiting for you (and my vocabulary is pretty good too). Well I’m all filled up with Brazil nuts and ready to pass on more information about celebrities. As a celebrity myself, I am, of course, an expert on the subject.

Last issue I talked about making yourself a celebrity like me rather than relying on outside celebrities. I overheard Dom & Kerry talking about how even local celebrities can get expensive AND they can “go lame” on you at any time (except me of course, because I am above reproach and can be bought).

But if you aren’t yet a celebrity and you don’t want to rent one…what to do, what to do? Never fear, the creative mind of Zack is here to bail you out. The answer is to borrow a celebrity! Pretty clever, huh?

But, Zack, you might ask — “How do I borrow a celebrity without having to pay her?” Let me tell you: you just piggy back on something they are doing (like when I ride on Dom’s shoulder….he does all the work and I get to tour around).

Here is a great example Dom told me about - a local furniture store in our area every year does a promotion using the Boston Red Sox (I’m not a baseball fan but I pay attention to them because they are red, just like me).

Anyway, here’s the story. The two brothers, the founders of that furniture store, made themselves into local celebrities through smart marketing. Then they hit a home run by including the Red Sox as a borrowed celebrity and here’s how they did it. They advertised this deal: if you buy furniture before the All Star Break and the Red Sox do something great (like win the World Series, beat the Yankees in the Pennant race, etc.) then all the furniture you bought is free!

Pretty slick deal if you care about furniture (I only care about food, my perch and my toys). They used the Red Sox name and event, but not anyone from the team itself….so their commercials are BORROWING the celebrity of the Red Sox.

BTW - they have made themselves into quite a local celebrity over the years, so with this promotion, they are getting a double celebrity hit!

Aren’t I just the coolest for sharing this story with you! I know I am, and you know I am, but I had to say it!

Write me with other ideas on borrowing celebrities and maybe I’ll share them with Dom and Kerry, if they bring me more Brazil nuts, of course.

Hanging out on my perch until next time,




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