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Are you as crazy busy, day in, day out, as we are? Working, spending time with family, getting the yard ready for summer, hobbies, exercise, household chores, travel… shouldn’t there be more than 24 hours in a day?? Focus, organization, and productivity have a huge impact on our lives and even our peace of mind. Take a look at these 8 amazing apps and tools.

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I’m back again, my adoring fans, to talk to you about vacations….I know how much you missed me….I’m just so irresistible.

Dom has asked me to write about vacations….a topic I should be intimately familiar with as my whole life is one big vacation! But the hard part for me is to try to understand you humans who don’t live a life of leisure like I do….and completely deserve, by the way. I’ll try to look into your mundane little lives and see if I can understand what you are going through and then dispense my magnificent advice.

Just like you need sleep (another topic in which I am an experiential expert), you need down times. There are different kinds of sleep: light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep, naps, etc. There are similarly different types of down time. Restful sleep is one kind, so is enjoying a hobby or a movie, a good non-work related book, watching a good movie, etc. We all need downtime each day…and don’t you worry, I make sure to get mine…like playing with my toys, watching movies, but reading a good book just doesn’t work out for me (the pages tend to get shredded).

But every so often you need to shut the office, close the store, not see patients, and get away from it all. That is a vacation…..extended downtime at a new venue.

It always surprises me how humans can be so much calmer, more focused, re-energized just by going away from it all for a few days (or more). For me sometimes just one scream at the top of my lungs can do the same thing….it is so refreshing (even though it scares all the humans,….tee hee).

So, take time off, disconnect and leave the work behind for a while. But don’t forget to take Insights along with you so you won’t be jonesing for my words of wisdom.

Hanging out on my perch until next time,





In 1947, Peter Marshall, a chaplain, said '...because if we don't stand for something, we shall fall for anything’.






Think going outside to play is just for kids? Think again. It’s warm and sunny and the summer is full of great possibilities. Here are some fitness ideas the whole family can get into:

Spend a week at a national park or forest. You can hike, swim, mountain bike— the choices are endless. The family that plays together stays together, so they say. So why not take a family class? Most locations offer tons of classes to choose from, whether it be karate or swimming, skating or boating. NOTE: If you are over 62, disabled, in the military OR in the 4th grade, you can get a free or reduced pass for all National Parks and Federal Recreation areas here.

Even in the olden days, families needed something to do. Try to recreate the days of yore with old-time games like graces and hoop rolling. If you don’t want to invest in a premade kit, you can find everything you need to play for just a few dollars at your local hardware store. Or how about starting a family water battle? Part of the fun is choosing your weapons, and after that… let the games begin!

If the outdoors just isn’t your family’s thing, don’t give up hope. Instead, plan a mall scavenger hunt. Make a list of items, send everybody out to take a picture of their assigned item with their cell phones and then return to the starting point as quickly as possible.

Active vacations make for unforgettable memories and can help family’s bond. No one will remember that lunch at the beach, but they won’t forget the hike up the canyon or winning that epic water battle.

Happy summer!

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