What Our Clients Say


I'm honestly afraid to miss a meeting.

We are a three man manufacturers rep organization covering the 6 New England states and all of Upstate NY. We sell kitchen and bath cabinetry and related items to about 200 + independent dealers and designers. The biggest challenge was having multiple systems to maintain our customer contact information (Excel, Constant Contact, Outlook Etc) that did not communicate with each other and required multiple entries for every new client. We had a website that showed what products and services we offered but had no coordination with our self-written newsletters on Constant Contact. We knew what our open rate was but we had no way to drive clients to our website to cross-sell our other products. Additionally, we offered training classes for our clients that required major effort to coordinate and schedule. We also send out newsletters informing our clients of the changes to products as they come up. We researched and selected InfusionSoft as a way to coordinate our CRM. After trying to use IS on our own we were introduced to the IS user group. Honestly, before starting with the group we were considering dropping IS. As we progressed with the group we came to realize Zacaw offered services well beyond what we expected and were exactly what we needed Now our message is completely coordinated and we are driving clients to our website. We now run the invitation and scheduling of our training classes through IS with clients being able to sign up online and providing us with a report as they sign-up. Our newsletters go out seamlessly and have a professional look and feel. In the Kitchen and Bath Industry our firm stands out as one that offers more communications and services for the manufacturers we represent. We look like a much larger firm than we actually are. We have added new customers and have been hired by more manufacturers to represent them as a result of the image we present using IS. Dom and Kerry have taken the time to learn our business and help us to bring a fresh approach to how we go to market. Their hosting of the user group meetings has become a high point of my month. I'm honestly afraid to miss a meeting.

Ray Ducharme
Rave Reps, LLC