Would you rather be a pirate or a farmer?

Would you rather be a pirate or a farmer?

Think about it, would you rather be a pirate or a farmer? Make your choice and then see if you would change it after reading this article. Choice made? OK, let's go.


Being a pirate is a risky, but exciting business with great potential rewards each time you pillage and plunder. You and your crew sail out of your secret cove, board an unsuspecting ship, take all their treasure, and head back to your secret cove far richer than when you left.

Plus you get to sleep late, party hard, have fun and only work when you decide to pillage and plunder again….sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? But the pillaging and plundering times can get stressful.


On the other hand, a farmer gets up early, spends the day in the hot sun plowing fields, fertilizing the land, planting crops, watering and tending those crops day in and day out. Boring, hard work! And he has to depend on the weather and many other things outside his control to line up right if he is going to have a good harvest and make some money.

And he is far too tired to party as he has to get up early the next day to do the farm chores.

Still satisfied with your choice? 

Business Analogies

Let’s apply this to business models and see which you’d rather be in your business.

Pirate Model - When your coffers run low, you come out of your cave and create another product, course, another seminar series, another live event, and do another launch. Then when the launch is over and you delivered your course, seminar, event, etc. you go back to your cave with your spoils. Of course, unlike the pirate, you are an ethical business and do not pillage and plunder, but sell value.

However, with that model, your coffers will run low again, and you will have to do it all over again…..come up with an idea, create a product, course, seminar, event, etc. launch it.

Farmer Model - You spend all your time nurturing your clients and prospects. You create a large loyal following because you are tending to them all the time, every day. Just like the farmer and his crops.

Because of your faithful daily tending, you are always growing and harvesting, the coffers never run low as you just grow more and more crops.

So, now that you read this, have you changed your mind, or are you sticking with the choice you made at the beginning of the article…..I can tell you, I’d MUCH rather be a farmer….Do I get to wear a straw hat?

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