5 Best Productivity Apps

5 Best Productivity Apps

Struggling to stay productive this spring? Check out our list of the 5 best productivity apps for 2020: 

1.    Serene

This app was created especially for remote workers, freelancers, and so-called modern teams to up their productivity and accomplish goals. Serene achieves all of this and more by prompting you to set a single goal for the day, which is then broken up into several tasks, so that you are not distracted by tasks that do not help you accomplish your daily goal. 

The Serene app then guides you through timed work sessions, with short breaks in between. The short work sessions and regular breaks are proven to help you stay fresh, focused, and productive. 

Additional features included in this app include a website blocker and app blocker to keep you focused, session timer, to-do lists to manage tasks and track who is in charge of what, a day planner where you can set your goal for the day, focus music, and a phone silencer.

2.    Any.do

Are you so busy that you tend to forget the little things? Any.do may be just the answer you’ve been looking for. The app syncs between your phone, desktop, web and tablet to keep your lists up-to-date and easily accessible at all times. 

Features include to-do lists, reminders and notes, as well as the ability to assign tasks to others, share lists, and add file attachments.

3.    Flow

Jot down your ideas on Flow, an award-winning note-taking app! Customize your writing tools and paper, and then draw or write notes on an infinite canvas. The app also includes cloud storage so that you’ll never waste time searching for a lost note again.

4.    Todoist

One of the best productivity apps on the market that is also free is Todoist—a clean, gimmick-free planner app that helps you manage tasks. Although the app is simple and easy to use, there are several advanced organizational features that users love, like custom filters and labels, project sections, sub-tasks, project sharing and collaboration, and integrations with smart assistants and other apps.

Key features include the ability to create, manage, and prioritize tasks, the ability to set and track project goals, and the ability to create reports. Additionally, the premium version includes reminders, task comments, file uploads, project templates, and more.

5.    Calendar

If Google Calendar just isn’t cutting it, check out Calendar, an app that connects all of your calendars and displays them on one interface. The app’s most popular feature is the ability to schedule meetings without the typical back and forth. This is accomplished by allowing anyone to choose and book meeting times during your available hours, while ensuring that there are no conflicting meetings or tasks.

Additional features include the ability to merge all of your calendars into one place, analytics to help you boost your own productivity, automatic transcriptions of your meetings, and synced events.

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