6 Ways to Survive the Summer Business Doldrums

6 Ways to Survive the Summer Business Doldrums

Unless you work in an industry that thrives in the summer (or during a pandemic, *cough* toilet paper *cough*), you’re probably experiencing a bit of a slowdown right about now. So, we’ve come up with six ways to survive the summer business doldrums:

1. Brainstorm new products and services.

Your number one priority during the summer business slowdown should be to prevent future summer business slowdowns. This means brainstorming new products or services that are lucrative during the summer months—or even all year long. Consider partnering with affiliates, selling ebooks or online courses, offering consulting services, or developing subscription-based products or services. 

2. Press pause on new projects.

If summer is your slow season, it’s wise to hold off on big marketing campaigns or new product launches. This will allow you to hang onto valuable cash and gives you more time to work out the details and perfect your plans.

3. Network.

In business, networking is always a good idea. So, why not use your extra time this summer to make new connections? Even though we’re in the midst of a pandemic, you can still take advantage of virtual networking events, or host your own!

4. Stay in touch with your customers.

Even if they aren’t making purchases right now, you can still keep in touch with your clients. Find ways to make them feel appreciated and offer advice—a monthly newsletter is a great way to do so. They’ll appreciate the comradery and think of you the next time they need your products or services. 

5. Prepare for your busy season.

Brainstorm a list of things you never seem to get around to during your busy season, or a list of tasks that you can accomplish to make your busy season less work for you and your team. Tackle those lists now to make life easier in the future.

6. Go on vacation.

It’s easier to unplug and recharge when there isn’t as much business coming in. Take advantage of the summer slowdown and plan a getaway—a socially distant one of course.

We can’t wait to see everything you accomplish this summer, and as always, Zacaw is here to help you adapt to whatever 2020 throws at us next! (Hopefully something good!)

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