Boosting success by boosting your health

There's an app for that!

Boosting success by boosting your health

This app allows you to record blood pressure, weight and heart rate

With BP Watch you can record, track, update and delete blood pressure values. It also captures the time of the blood pressure.

Track blood sugar, blood pressure, resting heart rate, and body mass index. Features color-coding, graphs, and allows you to email your records to yourself or your doctor.

No more standing in a grocery store comparing products - Fooducate will do it for you. Scan a product’s barcode, or use the search or browse capability to find information on a product.

This app allows you to compare the calories, carbs, and fat content of more than 70,000 foods plus 260 fast food chains and restaurants.

LOSE IT! (Free)
Set daily goals and calorie budgets, then track your eating and exercise logs against a comprehensive food and activity database. Email or print reports directly from your phone.

This app is designed to help you get in shape by finding a workout routine that’s right for you fitness level. You can manage your diet with the extensive database too.

I especially like My Fitness Pal (Free) - it lets me easily track my diet and exercise in a quick minute. Their nutrition database (including a ton of restaurants) and exercise database make it really easy but I have also added in my own exercise program and some favorite recipes.

How do you factor in nutrition and exercise into your daily routine to keep your brain sharp for growing your business?

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Kerry Cassone

Kerry Cassone spends her days as direct response copywriter and coach, Infusionsoft Certified Consultant helping clients use Infusionsoft productively, small business marketing strategist, author, and website designer for Zacaw Enterprises Inc.

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