Grow Your Holiday Sales with Old-Fashioned Customer Service

Grow Your Holiday Sales with Old-Fashioned Customer Service

There’s something about the holidays that make us nostalgic for “the good old days.” Maybe it’s those classic films like It’s a Wonderful Life, where everyone in Bedford Falls knows George Bailey over at the Bailey Building & Loan. Yep, good old George, who probably learned about customer service when he worked in the town drug store as a kid. No doubt he used to give out a wink and a grin along with that extra cherry he tossed on top of his customer’s ice cream soda.

Now, thanks to technology, customers have more choices than ever before. You can set your business apart from the others by demonstrating excellent old-fashioned customer service. One way to do that is by using email marketing during the holiday season, and in the Infusionsoft Marketplace, there is a campaign just for this purpose.

In the old days, storekeepers would call their customers to tell them about a great deal the store was promoting. Just like those calls, email marketing keeps you in touch with your customers, saving their time and yours. As an Infusionsoft user, you can save even more time with the pre-designed, mobile-friendly email templates.

The Infusionsoft Marketplace has campaign promotions which include Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving and holiday email templates. Your customers will appreciate learning about your special holiday events, promotions, shipping offers, new product introductions and other marketing offers. Don’t forget to go that extra mile and spell out shipping deadlines so customers can receive their purchases in time for the holidays.

Another way to add value to your email marketing and to help increase sales conversion is the built-in “cart abandonment” email. If a customer clicks to add a product or service and doesn’t actually make that purchase, they will receive a follow-up email. Often a customer will abandon their shopping cart due to high shipping costs, or simply because there was a technical problem on the website. Your follow-up email might be just the thing to save the sale.

Ready to build your sales and spread some holiday cheer? Here are the campaign launch instructions:

  •    Log into your Infusionsoft app,
  •    Go to Campaign Builder
  •    Click Marketplace and search for “holiday.” 
  •    Then just download your free, mobile-friendly email campaign.

Whether your marketplace is the entire Internet or just a small, quaint corner like Bedford Falls, a little extra effort to promote customer satisfaction can have a wonderful impact this time of year. 

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