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More Bang For Your Buck

More Bang For Your Buck

My granddaughter and I love to read a wonderfully illustrated children’s book (more on the book later) about a little boy whose grandfather once sewed him a special blanket. Over time, the beloved blanket grew worn and well-used. The disappointed little boy went to his talented grandfather who cut the blanket down and made the child a new coat.

Time went by and the coat became worn so the little boy took it to his grandfather who cut it down into… well, you get the drift. Eventually the grandfather only had enough cloth left to make a button for the boy.

Regardless of what the grandfather fashioned each time, the boy was so happy and grateful.

What’s the connection to your business? Unless you’re a tailor, you are unlikely to be cutting down coats into vests.

But if you are creating content for your business - for marketing, for customers, for brand-building - you know there are only so many hours in the day to do it.

The good news is that there are many ways to use the content you have already created. The blog posts can be turned into articles which can be turned into courses which can be turned into books.

Or vice versa.

The possibilities only end with your creativity.

A few ideas for you:

Take the questions your customers frequently ask and turn them into blog posts or email campaigns or support documents or forum posts.

Tweak what you’ve already done and offer it to a new market. Pare it down for your prospects; beef it up for your customers or members.

Turn your book into a video course. Collect all the tips you’ve been emailing for years and collate them into a book.

A number of years ago our coach, Bill Glazer, who had been a very successful retail business owner turned his stacks of retail marketing pieces into a much-appreciated valuable resource for the members of the coaching group. All it took was reams of paper, a printer, and some time. Nothing new to create.

More recently an attorney client of ours, turned his frequent verbal explanations to his own clients into his first e-book and used it for a lead magnet. Now he’s thinking about ways to again re-purpose that content.

You’ll get more bang for your buck, as the little boy did with his blanket, by re-purposing your content and making it work harder for you.

(Want the book? It’s called Something for Nothing, by Phoebe Gilman)

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