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Now you see it, now you don’t

We have been in an ever-evolving battle against internet bots….it’s almost like like a sci-fi thriller….we put up an anti-bot shield and the bots defeat it, so we put up a better one.

This anti-bot shield is known as CAPTCHA. You have all seen the different things on forms, such as typing in the letters that appear, or doing some arithmetic.

The problem has been that the better shields were painful to use (until now). I’m sure you remember turning your head sideways and squinting your eyes to try to make out the wavy letters and numbers that you had to type in to get your information submitted. It often took several tries and gave you eye strain.

Well, the process has evolved. Google’s reCAPTCHA system is becoming more widely used and it is so easy to use… just check the check box that says you are not a robot. Easy peasy, right?

Now it is even easier than that - Google’s latest version includes Invisible reCAPTCHA. Yep, now reCAPTCHA is occurring and the user most often doesn’t even have to check a box… Brilliant! Easier ‘peasier’ (is that a word?)!

For those of us who are Infusionsoft users, Infusionsoft has implemented Invisible reCAPTCHA on the web forms and in the new landing page builder. So, Infusionsoft users, Infusionsoft has you covered. There are couple of nuances that you should be aware of for your old web forms, click here to read more from Infusionsoft on this. If you’re not using Infusionsoft yet, you can get Google’s recaptcha code here.