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Be ‘Famous’ In Your Marketing

Be ‘Famous’ In Your Marketing

Have you heard of “delebs”? It is a word used by the entertainment business to describe a late-life icon from a diverse range of backgrounds whose estate continues to draw in significant sums of money. This market is gaining a lot of attention and yields yearly licensing and royalty earnings of several billion dollars.

However, only a few delebs control this market, including Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, who have appeared on a wide variety of items spanning clothing, wall art, gifts, and memorabilia. They return ghastly every year with tremendous success, most frequently through expertly designed and carried out marketing and promotion efforts.

Do you want to make use of this marketing strategy and make your business as famous as these delebs? Here are some things you should know.

Marketing With Dead Personalities

People often associate deceased superstars with a previous stage of their lives, like reminiscing about a great concert or a historical achievement. Since they live on in the hearts and souls of their fans, they continue to resonate long after their passing. Consumers are drawn to celebrity brands because of the emotion they evoke, like how Elvis Presley is referred to as a King and Marilyn Monroe linked to tragic glamour.

Branding dead icons offer a wealth of licensing opportunities. It is common for brands to license the name of an icon to capture the essence of what it stands for or what it represents. There are many product categories to tap into, from calendars to T-shirts and even high-tech gadgets. In other cases, some long-running famous person licensing schemes started while the personality was still living and continued after their passing.

What Works and What Doesn't

In the wake of the passing of a celebrity, a product might be available in the market for roughly a year before demand fades away. In addition, the way a personality passes may make it difficult for fans to imagine the person in their lives and homes. There are also famous people that lack a social media engine. Differentiating the type of licensing to engage in, whether it is for advertising or a product, is of utmost importance.

Despite being a relatively common branding strategy, marketers have occasionally come under fire to make money off of deceased personalities. The best tactic is to make certain that any use is done sensibly and tastefully.

Bear in mind that nobody can fulfill everybody's expectations. Recognizing the interests and concerns of the rights holders, working in a way that is compatible with their legacy, and constantly seeking to promote their life's work and legacy are all requirements for promoting a deceased celebrity.

There are many things to ponder when deciding whether to include a celebrity image in your marketing campaign or product visual. But with the right approach, you can use it to your advantage and make a name for your brand.