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Plan a game night (with or without the kids)

Plan a game night (with or without the kids)

Would you like to take some time out of your busy schedule to spend time with your family? Having genuine family bonding is a struggle for many nowadays. Kids are growing up faster and people are busier than ever. Time is a finite resource. So where do you find time to spend with your family?

A game night can be a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your family. It's entertaining, informative, and creates space for wonderful childhood memories.

How To Plan A Fun And Interactive Game Night

How can one plan a fun family game night? One where nobody has to be bribed into signing up, and where nobody gets upset when they lose?

Start by setting a fixed day and hour. If it's challenging to do it every week, begin with once or twice a month. Put it on your calendar and give it priority status. Provide the children with a 30-minute heads-up before the game. This gives them the opportunity to complete their work. Make sure that everyone arrives at the table feeling upbeat and unhurried.

To get started, purchase a few games if you don't already have them. Choose games that will appeal to all participants. If there is a significant age gap between the children, parents or older children can play together with the younger ones.

Remember, a good family game should be:

  • Simple to learn
  • Inclusive
  • Educational

Besides fostering academic outcomes, games can be effective ways to engage and develop children with different strengths and levels of intelligence. It is through play that children learn some of the most important life skills. So, plan those game nights!