6 Ways to Unplug Your Kids This Summer

6 Ways to Unplug Your Kids This Summer

“It’s a nice day outside.  Why are you in here?”

You must have said it a thousand times, yet your kids are glued to their TV, video games and cell phones. Technology may be a part of modern life, but that doesn’t mean you have to let a perfectly good day go to waste. Here are some fun (and inexpensive) ways to unplug your kids this summer:

Geocaching.  Players use their GPS to follow a set of clues to ultimately find containers or ‘caches’ hidden by another player. Here’s your chance to be a 21st century Indiana Jones.

Draw murals with sidewalk chalk.  It’s fun, creative and you get to enjoy beautiful art without all the mess since the next rain storm cleans your canvas for you.

Head to the local farmers’ market.  Can your kids tell the difference between a rutabaga and an acorn squash? Can you? Add something different to your dinner menu and have an adventure all in the same day— a win-win for everyone!

Visit an interactive museum. Museums used to be dusty and boring. No longer! With the new wave of interactive museums, you can get directly involved instead of just staring. Many town libraries offer free or reduced-price passes to regional museums.

Glow in the dark bowling.  Simply take some empty water bottles, add glow sticks and you can turn your lawn into a bowling alley any time of night.

Lawn Scrabble.  All you need is some cardboard and markers to make a Scrabble board that spans the whole yard.

Make the most of summer with these fun activities or create your own games and some great memories.  

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