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7 Ways To Use Holidays To Stand Out

7 Ways To Use Holidays To Stand Out

The holiday season is a busy time for many, especially small businesses that want to take the opportunity to market their brand and attract more customers. Besides, the holiday season makes up most of the year's sales for many businesses. This highlights the importance of strategically planning and implementing the right tactics to gain customer trust and credibility.

Holiday promotional strategies and initiatives are significant dates on the commerce brands' overall marketing plan. There are several holidays to consider every month. For May we have Mother’s Day, Mother Goose Day, Star Wars Day, No Diet Day, No Socks Day, National Tap Dance Day, National Tobacco Day, and more!

Make use of these holidays no matter how big, small, or weird they are. Here are some tips you can carry out for the next holiday on your calendar.

1. Send a thank-you card earlier

Don’t wait for the big holidays to give out a thank-you card. This will make you stand out from the competition. Besides, customers who receive an unanticipated thank-you card will feel truly valued, and you'll be on their minds while they purchase for loved ones.

2. Exclusive holiday giveaways

Promoting a holiday giveaway on a website or social media page increases sales and establishes a lasting connection with your customers. Brands need to include a special reward in their holiday giveaway campaigns to reach their target market.

3. Give suggestions for gifts

Create promotional emails with gift suggestions to make holiday shopping simpler. Showcase original gift ideas, make personalized gift suggestions based on past purchases, and explain how to combine several goods into the ideal gift.

4. Don’t forget your loyal customers

Don't forget about your regular clients, even while you're eager to win over new ones. Use this chance to give your top clients a special gift, such as an exclusive discount or a sneak peek at a forthcoming product.

5. Holiday-exclusive free shipping

Consider providing free shipping and let your consumers know. Keep your free shipping offer prominently displayed throughout your online store and in your marketing emails.

6. Organize in-store events

Amidst the increase in online purchasing, consumers still prefer to do their holiday shopping in person. Provide consumers with a special welcome when they enter your store, such as complimentary hot cocoa, entertainment, and product demos, to get them in the shopping mood.

7. Get into the holiday spirit

Gift-giving isn't the only reason consumers shop for gifts. They also want a sense of holiday cheer. Bring holiday cheer to your window display, the home page, and landing pages with warm holiday scenes.

You can either make or break your revenue goals during the holiday season. Set your business for success by following the above suggestions. That way, the holiday season is not just another busy day for your business, but the most prosperous time of the year.