Apps for Learning Better Communication Skills

Apps for Learning Better Communication Skills

Communication skills are essential for being successful in your personal and professional life; and luckily for us, there are several apps and browser extensions now available to help us learn better communication skills.

Apps for Public Speaking

It is believed that up to 75 percent of the population has some varying degree of fear speaking in public. However, there are now several apps on the market to help us improve our public speaking skills and build confidence, including:

Ummowhich monitors your speech and provides feedback on clarity, pacing, filler words, and more.

VirtualSpeech helps you practice your speech by giving you realistic environments to practice in.

Based on the book by Dale Carnegie, The Art of Public Speaking is a great training tool that also includes audio samples, quotes and tips to improve your skills.

Apps for Active Listening

Active listening is an essential part of being a great communicator. Listening Skills is an app meant for sharpening your listening skills in your personal and professional life.

Apps for Writing

Strong writing skills are imperative to a successful career and a large part of being an effective communicator. 

Airstory is a valuable tool for planning out your writing, collecting research, taking notes, and more.

Ginger will check your writing for spelling, punctuation, word usage, and more.

You’ve probably seen commercials for Grammarly, the app or browser extension that provides you with real-time suggestions for making your writing better.

And OneLook Reverse Dictionary is for those frustrating moments when you can’t think of a word.

Apps for Body Language

The jury is still out on an exact number, but most experts agree that 70 to 93 percent of all communication is nonverbal. 

Psychology of Body Language provides a guide that includes over 50 gestures and 100 quiz questions to test your knowledge on body language, improve your ability to read others, and ensure that your body language is in line with your verbal communication.

Apps for Team Communication

In any career, communicating with your team is essential to success. The Outback Team Building app for iOS and Android teaches teams to work together and communicate to achieve success. 

Which aspect of communication do you need to work on? Try out the apps and let us know how you improve.

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