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Does ur time manage u?

Are you as crazy busy, day in, day out, as we are? Work, spending time with family, getting the yard ready for winter, hobbies, exercise, household chores, travel… shouldn’t there be more than 24 hours in a day?? Focus, organization, and productivity have a huge impact on our lives and even our peace of mind. Take a look at these 8 amazing apps and tools.


RescueTime helps you understand your daily habits and how you spend your time so you can focus and be more productive.

Remember The Milk

You’ll never forget to stop and buy milk again! Remember The Milk gets the to-dos out of your head. Easy to use. Organize the tasks the way you think. Remember The Milk magically syncs on all your devices. Manage your tasks alongside your calendar and mail too. Get reminders wherever and however you want them.


Make a note and instantly find it on all your devices. Project to-do list, reminders, snap a picture of a sketch. The ‘note’ is whatever you want it to be. Fast searching for better productivity. Share  the important stuff with family, friends, or co-workers.

Focus Booster

This app is based on the principles of the pomodoro technique for procrastinators who feel overwhelmed by tasks. It’s designed to help you focus better and decrease your anxiety.


Track how you are using your time - fast and easy. It’s one-click time tracking, in real time. Stay focused. Track billable time. Watch how you and your team use your time with the built-in reporting capability.


Organize your life and sync it on all your devices via the Cloud. Check this out if managing all your tasks, to-do lists, and goals is giving you a headache. It helps you focus on what’s really important and automatically generates prioritized to-do lists.

Save to Pocket

You want to keep up with all the intriguing things you find on the internet but if you don’t have time when you find them, they get lost and forgotten. Use Pocket to mark the things you want to read or watch later, in a single location. Come back to them on any device, anytime.


Focus At Will

Increase your focus and minimize distractions with this amazing instrumental music, created based on the principles of neuroscience. It’s possible to increase your attention span by up to 400%.