Dom's 5 Hottest Picks for Infusionsoft Apps

Dom's 5 Hottest Picks for Infusionsoft Apps

Keap and Infusionsoft by Keap are extremely powerful marketing platforms that do so much well, but every once in a while you need a little help from your friends. 

By friends, I mean 3rd party products that add even more functionality to the Keap platforms. Think of it like turning Keap into the Hulk….they are green after all!

There are many great products out there and I had a really hard time narrowing it down to just 5, but if I didn’t this article would be 20 pages long!


Well, ok, I admit it, the #1 product is one we built. But, hey, we’re justifiably proud of it as it is hands down the best integration between a Joomla website and Keap products. JoomFuse syncs fields on your site with contact fields, and easily allows you to control who gets access to the site by using tags to assign what user levels they have access to.

Add the JF Portal extension and you give your members the ability to manage their own subscriptions, credit cards, and pay back invoices. It is easy, if you choose, to block their site access when they are in arrears, but as soon as they are caught up, JF Portal immediately gives them site access back. Our first JF Portal client told us that her support calls went down by 80%!

These are only some of the many capabilities that JoomFuse and JF Portal add to Infusionsoft. Check out for more details or drop us a line.


I cannot tell you how much simpler supporting our clients got once we installed FuseDesk. FuseDesk is a help desk support ticketing system that integrates with Infusionsoft and other CRMs as well. You simply create a support email that is redirected to FuseDesk. FuseDesk creates a case that can be assigned to the right department or person, form there the case history is there until the case is closed. Of course, all the case interactions are permanently stored in your CRM for easy access.

I know the creator of FuseDesk and he is always figuring out how to add more and more features to the product. We just switched over to FuseDesk’s chat for our websites from another service and it is working out well…both email and chat support are now in one place (oh and you can create cases from phone calls too). There are many ways to further use FuseDesk to automate your customer/member/client support. Make them happy even when they need support.

FuseDesk has packages for just about any sized business! Check them out at 


There is not enough space to explain all that Parsey can do. They have over 150 integrations! We are just scratching the surface with it but what we do use is very powerful. One of the great powers of Parsey is to parse emails and then do stuff with the data it parsed. 

For example, one of our clients has subscriptions to its membership site coming in from a 3rd party. That 3rd party sends them an email for each new subscriber….before Parsey, they had to take the content and manually enter it both in their system before Infusionsoft and after they switched over. But with Parsey all the fields are properly extracted and a new Infusionsoft record is created, and tagged. Same with members who cancel.

The next way I used Parsey is their web hook capability. I wanted to have another platform enter data into Infusionsoft when a sale was made. I set up web hooks to get all the data I needed when a sale was made and get it into Infusionsoft.

One last example that is very popular is the ability for Parsey to integrate with Docusign. With that integration and Infusionsoft you can totally automate the electronic signing of your contracts, etc.

Check out Parsey at 


FYF is yet another Swiss army knife of an application. Again, there is not enough room to go over all the things that FYF can do. I’ll just mention a few.

Just in the texting SMS world, FYF can do amazing things from sending simple SMS and MMS messages from Infusionsoft campaigns to text lead capture, to SMS conversations and much more.

Then there is their Integrated Dialer functions, their Logic Links, Mobil Links, One Click Upsells, and Facebook custom audience integrations. I could go on and on and that would only be scratching. 

I cannot leave FYF without talking about one of my favorite features: FunnelBots. These little guys can be added to campaigns to do a lot of things easily, like copying data from one field to another, see the amount of the last eCommerce transaction, do arithmetic on fields, oh, and also date arithmetic too. Plus Zoom, Slack and Airtable integration. And I am leaving many out. I just LOVE FunnelBots. I use them all the time to do things that otherwise would be very hard to do.  The best part is the they are free.

Check out Fix Your Funnel at 


Again, this is one of those apps that made such a huge difference in how our business was being run and how our time was being spent. We got an absolute ton of time back….just like magic.

What could do that….call and meeting scheduling software that integrates with Infusionsoft (they too integrate with other platforms). Old type meeting scheduling:

  • Them: Can I call you at 3PM today?
  • Me: No I am busy then, how about 10AM tomorrow?
  • Them: Sorry, no, I have a staff meeting then
  • You get the picture, on and on emails.

Or even worse yet, they just call you whenever they want to talk to you. So, whose schedule is that on….hint, not yours.

Solution ScheduleOnce! ScheduleOnce integrates with all your calendars and only presents to the caller times that are available for them to pick from….much more efficient for both of you and you can concentrate on getting your work done. Oh, did I mention it also integrates with Zoom (and probably others as well), so you can set up Zoom meetings in ScheduleOnce.

You can control the times meetings can be scheduled, times between meetings, minimal time in advance they must schedule meeting, and much more.

We put a link in the signature of all our emails and we trained that we are mostly unreachable unless it is scheduled and wow, it was like having a time machine. Find out more about ScheduleOnce by going to

Well, with just these 5 products this could have been a book, and it is way longer then I imagined it would be….I hope the information is helpful and useful to you….I know that these products have made our lives much easier and they can do that for you as well….until next time!

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