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Holiday Shopping Tips

Holiday Shopping Tips

Does the thought of holiday shopping leave you with that not-so-merry feeling? Here are some tips that can help save you time, money, and stress this holiday season:

  • Santa has done it for years, and so should you: make a list. Decide early what your budget will be and who your gift recipients will be. Consider what gift(s) you'd like each person or family to receive from you. The best presents are usually the ones you think about ahead of time. 
  • Decide which retailers you'd like to deal with for your holiday shopping and sign up for their newsletters, apps, and/or text alerts. You'll receive notifications of sales, and often obtain a new customer discount, too. 
  • When you do find an online coupon, be prepared at the checkout - either print it beforehand, or have a screenshot on your phone that you can display. No sense in being confronted with no internet service at the checkout line.
  • Team up with a friend or family member for your shopping - share in legwork and research, take advantage of splitting the costs of any buy-one-get-one deals, etc.
  • Don't forget the incidentals like gift wrap. Save money by buying in bulk with others, or make your own from newspaper, boxes or some other unusual items. 

Most holiday shopping nightmares come from waiting until the last minute. Think about it this way: would you rather be relaxing with family and friends on Christmas Eve or driving around desperately hoping the local stores are still open. The holiday headache you save may be your own.

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