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Laughter - The Best Medicine

Laughter - The Best Medicine

Laughing just feels good. When you laugh really hard, tears may fill your eyes and your stomach may hurt, but it stills feels good. Laughter is fun. Probably some of your best memories are of you and your friends or family laughing together. You always remember a funny movie or a really good joke that made you laugh out loud. Laughter brings joy to your life.

Is laughter the best medicine?

Scientists have shown that laughter is healthy. When you laugh you have more energy, and you breathe better. A good belly laugh is the same as 10 minutes of exercise. Laughter can also strengthen your immune system and keep your blood pressure and blood sugar levels in check. 

What are you worried about?

When you laugh, you think about the good things in your life, and you gain confidence that helps you solve problems. If you feel nervous or unsure in a situation, humor can relieve the tension. Ouch, you just hit your finger with a hammer or stubbed your toe, try to laugh. Your body is designed to deal with pain and laughter is the key. Feeling tense or nervous? Cant relax? Relieve that stress by watching a funny movie or a comedy show on TV.

Humor and laughter can improve friendships. People want to be around a happy person; they want to feel good about themselves and the world. If you want more friends, laugh more and share that laughter with others!

Laughter is contagious; when you laugh, others will laugh with you. So smile, laugh, giggle, or chuckle, and share that good feeling. 

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