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National Parks and Beaches

National Parks and Beaches

An exciting summer vacation doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The United States of America maintains hundreds of national park and beach sites just for you! Visit the National Park Service website to find locations near to your home or far, far away. Many national parks offer admission for free or for a low price. Read on for some cool things you can do at national recreation sites.

Hike through a national park. Pick up a park map, and select a trail that’s right for you.  Some trails are perfect for a short walk; other trails need advance planning for a rugged all-day adventure. You can hike deep into the Grand Canyon or up to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Although some areas may require the purchase of a permit, most hiking trails can be accessed through your park admission.

Listen to a ranger lecture. While a lecture might sound like the last thing you want for summer vacation, these ranger led talks will capture your interest. You can learn about the history of the area, study unusual animals, or pick up some useful skills. 

Beachfront recreation sites offer plenty of swimming and water sports. Possibly the park with the most water is Dry Tortugas National Park. Water covers nearly all of its 100 square miles, and you can only reach this area by seaplane or by boat. Once there, you can enjoy incredible underwater views by snorkeling over coral reefs. 

Who needs a theme park when you can explore a national park instead? The National Park Service can match one of their recreation sites to your summer plans. Use their online search to discover parks by location, by activities, and by topics of interest. With hundreds of sites to choose from, you can design an active and engaging summer trip that’s perfect for you. 

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