Spring Break is Coming

Spring Break is Coming

It’s spring break time and that used to mean family trips. Saying good-bye to winter blues by taking a family vacation was a nice plan for spring break. With COVID restrictions still in place, staying closer to home may be part of the plan this year. Ensure the success of your break—whether you’re going to a beach resort, ski mountain, or day trips close to home—by planning a healthy and safe holiday. Check out the CDC’s guidelines for the latest travel recommendations. 

Families that play together, stay together. Families should develop their own system for staying together, particularly if they are going to areas that might be crowded. Parents can determine a comfortable level of independence based on the age and maturity of each child, but everyone should know what to do if separated from the group. Caution your children about talking to strangers.

Active vacations. Active vacations depend on reliable outfitters for success. While you are making reservations, determine if activities are appropriate to the ages and abilities of your children. Ask if guides have experience in working with children of those ages. Make sure their equipment is well-maintained and meets safety standards. If you rent bikes or rollerblades, insist on helmets and pads.

Child care. If you are staying at a resort with children's programs, find out about the staff's training and what health and safety measures are in place. Ask if activities are designed to fit the skills of your child.

Most importantly, relax and have a good time. Kids recognize when parents are tense or nervous, so plan ahead to avoid problems.

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