Staying Afloat: Water Safety Tips

Staying Afloat: Water Safety Tips

In the heat of summer, nothing feels better than a cool swim at the pool or the beach. Unfortunately, summer water fun can quickly turn dangerous. Following a few simple safety rules will guarantee that everyone stays safe and has fun.  

First of all, know your skills. Did you learn to swim when you were just a baby? Or, is this your first time to take a dip? Unless you are a strong swimmer, you'll want to stick to the shallow end. Swim lessons will help beginning swimmers become good swimmers, and good swimmers will get even better.

Use flotation devices. Life jackets can be worn in the pool or out in the open water. Before heading out on a boat, check that a correctly sized life jacket is onboard for everyone. Just remember, a flotation device is never a substitute for swimming skills or adult supervision.  

Never swim alone. Accidents can happen to even the best swimmers. A buddy can help you out of the water if you have trouble, or he can call for help. Children should always be watched by adults while in or near the water. When watching kids, adults need to stay alert. Put away phones or other distractions to stay focused on safety.

Learn CPR. Know when and when not to perform CPR. Taking a class in CPR and first aid prepares you to take action when the unexpected occurs. Studies have shown that even children as young as 9 years old can learn the correct techniques to save a life.

A summer afternoon in the water can turn tragic all too quickly. Follow these water safety tips to ensure your summer is safe and enjoyable for the whole family.  

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