Using Facebook Retargeting to Boost Revenue

Using Facebook Retargeting to Boost Revenue

Have you ever searched for something online and then checked your Facebook page, only to be bombarded with ads for that same item you were searching? That practice is known as retargeting, and it’s an effective way to increase ROI on ad campaigns and boost your revenue!

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a marketing practice in which people who have previously engaged with your business are targeted via a campaign. Examples of previous engagement may include subscribing to your newsletter, visiting your website, or making a purchase.

On Facebook, you can retarget audiences using a customer email list, website traffic or mobile app activity. For example, you can upload your email list to Facebook and the social network will match those emails to profiles in their database, creating a Custom Audience, or an audience of your subscribers who have Facebook accounts. You can also retarget people who have visited your website by adding a Facebook Pixel to your site. When someone visits your site, Facebook will match them to a Facebook account and create a list, known as your Website Custom Audience.

Retargeting Your Website Visitors

Once you’ve installed a Facebook Pixel on your website, you can create a Custom Audience for the specific website visitors that you want to retarget. For example, you could create an audience made up of anyone who visited your website in the last 30 days, or anyone who visited your Contact page.

We recommend creating an audience targeted at “All Website Visitors” if you are running a general engagement campaign, such as those for brand awareness. We suggest using these campaigns to drive them to particular pages on your website so that you can then direct people to specific sales funnels.

Promoting Individual Products

As we mentioned above, Facebook allows you to retarget visitors to specific pages of your website.

E-Commerce Businesses

Retargeting to specific web pages is especially helpful for e-commerce stores because it allows them to target individuals who visited certain categories of products, or even a specific product. You can then create a campaign that promotes best-selling items from that category or the specific item they looked at but didn’t purchase. The best way to do so is via a carrousel ad, which displays multiple images in one ad and allows the viewer to toggle between them. You can also use dynamic retargeting to share images and links to multiple products at once, similar to the carousel ad.

Additionally, you can retarget visitors to your website who abandoned their cart. The average cart abandonment rate is 68 percent, so this is a huge opportunity for retargeting hot leads. Also, consider retargeting previous buyers by promoting an ad with an upsell offer or a special discount for return customers.

Service Businesses

If you’re a service business, you might consider targeting visitors to a specific blog post and then creating an ad that offers a lead magnet that is relevant and useful to those visitors. For example, if they visited our blog post about using Facebook retargeting to boost revenue, we could then target them with an ad that offers a free guide to creating Facebook ads or free Facebook ad templates.

As you can see, Facebook retargeting is a valuable tool for reconnecting with your website visitors and email subscribers and will help you to increase your average lifetime value of a single customer as well as your ROI on ad campaigns. 

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