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Valentine's Day Fun

Valentine's Day Fun

Celebrate a fun Valentine's Day with your partner! But how? As this celebration continues year after year, you may run out of ideas. If you want something different from roses and chocolates, this list can help!

1. Bookstore Date

Bookworms will surely love the idea of going to the bookstore, checking out the new releases, and picking out a book your significant other might love reading.

2. Write A Bucket List

What are the things you want to accomplish this year as a couple? It can be as simple as going to the gym together, getting a dog, or finally owning that dream house.

3. Cook Together

Instead of ordering food or eating out, why not cook your meals together or have a cook-off? You can bake cookies or whip up a dinner menu.

4. Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast made with love and served on the bed is the perfect way to start the day.

5. Recreate Your First Date

Take a moment to relive your first date, from the location to the outfits you wore, and even how weird you acted. It is also the perfect time to propose if you have plans.

6. Write A Love Letter

Put your love into words your partner can read over and over again. It’ll be a special keepsake, a reminder of your love for each other.

7. Attend A Concert

Do you have a similar passion for a band or singer, and they are performing near you? Grab two tickets and make it a date night idea!

Whatever ideas you plan on using in this list, the fact that you prepared it with your partner in mind is enough to make Valentine’s Day romantic and memorable.

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