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Apps for Learning Better Communication Skills

Apps for Learning Better Communication Skills

Communication skills are essential for being successful in your personal and professional life; and luckily for us, there are several apps and browser extensions now available to help us learn better communication skills.

Apps for Public Speaking

It is believed that up to 75 percent of the population has some varying degree of fear speaking in public. However, there are now several apps on the market to help us improve our public speaking skills and build confidence, including:

Learning How to Listen

Learning How to Listen

As a business owner, you’re probably used to taking charge and being a leader day after day. But sometimes, part of being a great leader is knowing when to stop and listen.

Your customers come to you because you are an expert in your field, and they have a problem that they believe you can solve. When you take the time to stop and really listen, you can build stronger relationships with your clients, build their trust in you and your company, and learn more about what they are struggling with so that you can position your company to become the best solution on the market.

Working from Home: Setting Boundaries - Physical and Psychological

Working from Home: Setting Boundaries - Physical and Psychological

On the surface, working from home sounds like a walk in the park. But, in reality, more than two-thirds of employees are experiencing burnout, according to a survey from Monster. This is likely due to a lack of time off, feelings of job insecurity and financial anxiety, childcare issues, and blurred lines between personal and professional time.

If you’re working from home and feel like your professional life is invading your personal life, and you lack a work-life balance, it’s time to set both physical and psychological boundaries.


JoomFuse has changed the rules of membership management. . . forever.

Joomla! + Infusionsoft = JoomFuse! JoomFuse integrates your Joomla! website with your Infusionsoft to content access and membership status, hands-free for you!

Manage infinite levels of paid (or free) membership using JoomFuse to integrate the automation of Infusionsoft with the power of Joomla. You control who gets access to what content... and when. JoomFuse manages access and action triggers for you, driven by Infusionsoft tags. No more duct-taping third-party software programs to try to get what you need to manage your membership (subscription) programs. Now you can sleep at night knowing it's taken care of for you.

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